Swedith in Tina: the CD. Stories for kids of all ages

Snee & the Other Animals

Snee, the rabbit, is shy and vulnerable. He has a genuinely good nature and cares very much about others. He is easy for most young children to identify with.

Snee's good friend is Alfred, the orange ball-shaped elf. They are of similar size and like to play together. Alfred is very strange. He just Alfredkeeps calling to hmself "Alfred, Alfred," as if, some theorize, he's trying to make sure he's still there. Alfred excels at rolling about and has taught Snee a game or two.

Monk, the monkey, Jowels, the pig, Safflower Oil, the baboon, Sunyat, the seal, and Mr. Dugong, the fish are some of the other creatures who inhabit the island.

The others’ roles are limited to occasional grunts and supporting gestures – such as Sunyat’s relationship with Lina. Mr. Dugong is a loner, living primarily on the bottom of Beanbag Pond, making an appearance so rarely that Tink has linked it with the passing of a certain comet. Safflower Oil’s voice is so strange that although he writes poetry, no one can understand a word of it. Some think that’s the inspiration for Tink’s unusual style. Jowels cheers everyone on, but hangs back from the action.

Here's where Snee lives. Alfred has a nice house, too. Lina's House Lina's Private Pool Beanbag Pond Monk's Tree House Alfred's Hut Swedith's House Snee's House and Carrot Patch