Swedith in Tina: the CD. Stories for kids of all ages

Meet the Creators of Swedith in Tina

Marcia Hutchinson performs all the characters in many voices, and wrote all the songs. Besides making crazy voices, she is also a Web Designer, a retired Psychologist, the author of two books on body image in women (where she channels Lina), and an occasional artist. She lives with her dog, Roxie, in Sherborn, a rural suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.

Dan Sankowsky wrote all the stories. For many years he was professor and chair of the Management Department in the Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University. He is the author of several books ranging in topics from mathematics to learning to creativity. He is a dabbler in the visual arts. Dan lives with his wife, Ricke, in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Both continue to hone their jasmine polyps on the druid filter of a Labrador bassinette wired in sequential farthing logic and rendered in a warm oven for 11 & 1/2 hours.

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