Swedith in Tina: the CD. Stories for kids of all ages

Meet Everybody

There are five main characters in these stories: Swedith, Goose, Tink, Lina and Shee. Then there are several secondary creatures who appear in the stories. Each main character has their own Web page which you can visit by clicking the "Meet" buttons on the left side of this page. In the Gallery below, you can listen to a brief welcome from each.

The Gallery
Swedith   Tink

To listen to a welcome greeting from Swedith, Goose, Tink, Lina and Snee, just click each picture or click "Play" Play button on the sound control .
Tink, the elephant

Lina J.P. Goose Snee

Lina, the hippo

J.P. Goose

Snee, the rabbit

  Alfred, Monk, Sunyat & Jowels