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Lina's Page

A Hippo's Search for Meaning

An ever-evolving creature, Lina has moved from being rather primitive and self-serving to actually serving others from time to time.  Mostly, this great pink, beautiful Hippo is perfectly content to just sit and get fat, reveling in her own very pink beauty.  She has experienced some angst on occasion, once prompting her to search for something special (culminating in her finding a perfect flower).  .Lina's flower

Influenced by Goose and Swedith, Lina developed a sly sense of humor and an infectious belly laugh. 

Of course, Goose introduced Lina to the buntin' (Goose's special comforter filled with the feathers of her ancestors).

Lina is a hippo of few words: she leaves the chatter to Tink, Goose, and Swedith.  She enjoys basking in the sun and her pool, just hanging out.  Lina's pool chairShe has found her own artistic outlet in mud sculpting.

But fundamentally – and unlike Tink— Lina has no need to do anything.  She just grooves on being and hanging out.  She can go solo and she enjoys company.  She has a penchant for eating, beets in particular to maintain her pink skin color, and for resting.  While the other animals soak their feet in the pond, Lina immerses herself in it.  She goes her own way, but she is so relaxed about it that no one questions her.

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