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Just Plain (J.P.) Goose's Page

Full of human foibles and weaknesses, Goose proclaims herself nonetheless to be the perfect being. She entertains everyone at her house with stories of life "back in Gooseville." Goose frequently wraps herself in her buntin', a quilt-like sacramental blanket filled with the feathers of her Goose ancestors.

Gooses Are Perfect, Thank You

Goose is proud, haughty, defensive, possessive, and self-aggrandizing. She is a perfect foil for Swedith’s humor and Tink’s intellectual prowess. Swedith gently deflates her, Goose' buntin'poking fun at her veneer of self-importance, while Tink relentlessly questions her about life on Gooseville, occasionally pointing out inconsistencies in her "goose philosophy."

Goose often refers to herself and other "gooses" with reverence, pointing out when something isn’t "fittin’ and proper," "don’t y’know." And she adds "thank you" to her polemics and diatribes for emphasis: "We don’t do that, thank you."

But under all this, Goose secretly wishes for acceptance and is somewhat brittle and insecure. She anticipates ridicule and postures mightily to avoid it. The others on Tina take her for who she is, and after a while, she starts to relax and let her hair, that is, her feathers down! Tink is a good influence as is Swedith. And Lina, the Hippo, in her own way is too. A reflection of Goose’s own self-absorbed approach to life, the Hippo is more direct and at peace with this attitude.

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Famous Gooses from Gooseville

Some of the famous gooses J.P. has introduced in her tales are:

  • Sigmund Goose of Psychoanalysis fame;
  • Pigooso, El Gooso, and Van Goose in the fine arts;
  • Goosehoven, Piatagooski, and Degoosy in classical music;
  • The Rolling Gooses, Fleetwood Goose, and Pink Goose in popular music;
  • Arnold Gooseneggar in body building (and more recently, in politics);
  • NYPD Goose, Law and Gooses, Emergency Goose as dramatic goosevision shows;
  • Babe Goose, Joe DiGoosio, and Lefty Goose in gooseball;
  • and Sugar Ray Robingoose and Muhammad Goosi in goose-butting.

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